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As with a telephone connection or calling card, a website is essential for today’s business. For service supply, the majority of customers nowadays first take a look on the internet in order to make their choice. Let me talk briefly with you on a personal level, since the internet world is, because of its virtuality, intangible for many people.


Produkt Development Manager Engineer

Since the 1980s I have been engaged in the computer world. After completing my studies in engineering in 2000, I launched my start-up and build upon a network of reliable partners for internet businesses. Maybe you have already had bad experiences with low price providers and self-proclaimed ‘Web Designers’ and this is exactly what you want to avoid. For sure though, you are here because you are aware, as I am, that customized solutions are the best foundation for your internet success. I disclaim ready-made solutions and will be your direct contact person for personalized service. I will support you from finding a name for your Domain right up to installing and develop the appropriate new internet software.

Cooperation with Partners

Cooperation with you as my partner is, in terms of your specification , very innovative and for you , as customer, financially manageable. Due to my extensive experience and specialized knowledge, your project will be treated as an individual case. I project slim held Websites in WordPress for single customers, as well as larger Websites for multi-user care systems in drupal or pimcore for university-level institutions or companies of higher symmetry.

Cakewalks in these Days

Server to server communication has become a cakewalk in this day of Rest API and Co. so that your external portfolio, like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. can be incorporated directly within your website. I register, write software program, design and manage your website on the highest level in order to make sure that your internet appearance correlates with your business profile.

Interested in a closed presentation ?

You describe your request and I will develop your individual online presence. I can also take over an existing website or make a site relaunch for you. Do not hesitate to call me if you have questions regarding my individual prices and projections.